WHIL- Radio Providing On-demand Current Print Information

© Zacarias da Mata - Fotolia.com

© Zacarias da Mata – Fotolia.com

WHIL-Radio Reading service in Mobile was created by Alabama Information Print Center in order to give on-demand current print information for those who are visually impaired or blind or possess any other form of disabilities.

Daily and weekly readings coming from the Mobile Register are offered for those who sign up. Baldwin Country, Montgomery Advertiser, Gulf Coast Newspaper and a number of national publications are providing Radio Reading Service volunteers in order to make this project work.

Other programs coming from WHIL radio reading service programming also comes from other services like IAAIS Program share.

Some WHIL Radio Reading Service programming is made available courtesy of the IAAIS Program Share wherein it allows its members to share their programming with no coast at all. Interested participants need to fill out the Download Form and set up an account. After which, they will have their own share folder and would be able to control what goes inside the folder including the span of multiple readings.

Windows Media Player and a Windows 95 are necessary for the member to use the site. The WHIL-Radio Reading service is also available from 5:00 am until 12:00 midnight daily which is beneficial for those who are residing in southwest Alabama. A complete broadcast schedule of programs is live via radio in which members can check out. This is made possible with the help and support of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and efforts of J. L bedsole Foundation of Mobile with the use of computer and internet services that is being provided by NuVox Communications.

Interested parties can sign up on the website and get more details in the Alabama Information center for their sponsorship for the blind and disabled ones. In so doing, sponsors can also experience perks like having a tax-deductible donation.

The operation of WHIL- Radio is made possible through the help of dedicated volunteers who serve as readers on the radio station each week.

For those who would like to volunteer and learn more about fun opportunities that can be experienced from Alabama Print Information center, they can call 251-380-4699 for more details.